We are the official distributors for most well- known and branded tools, including Gedore Tools, Bosch, Metabo and Makita Power Tools, Somta Cutting Tools, French Engineering Works, Lasher Tools, and Irwin Record, Eclipse Tools, Pferd Abrasives, Starrett Measuring Tools and Stanley Hand Tools to name a few.

Abrasives | Coated and bonded – cutting, grinding, sanding & polishing discs.

Automotive | Lifting equipment – chain hoists & engine cranes, greasers, jacks, pullers, panel beating tools, battery chargers & boosters.

Adhesives, Lubricants & Cleaners | Genkem, Loctite, Pratley, Epoxies, Epidermix, Spanjaard & Rocol lubricants- copper & nickel slip, silicone & battery terminal spray, liquid grease, marking blue. Q-products, silicone.

Cutting Tools | HSS – drills, dies, taps, and milling cutters, tungsten carbide holders & inserts, brazed on tools, hacksaw, bandsaw, and powersaw blades, holesaws.

Clamping Tools | Drill chucks, engineer’s vice,” G”, sash, T- bar, speed clamps, toggle clamps.

Hand Tools | Builder’s, carpentry, mechanical & plumbing, files, hammers, pliers. Punchers, wrenches, hand saws, hand planes, screwdrivers, chisels, pipe cutters and benders.

Power & Pneumatic Tools | Electric hand, impact, and rotary hammer drills, demolition tools, blowers, hand grinders, die grinders, polishers, sanding, dry wall tools.

Precision & Measuring Tools | Combination sets, dial gauges, depth gauges, micrometers, vernier caliphers, steel tapes and rules, engineers levels, contour markers, digital measuring & leveling.

Spanners & Wrenches | Combination, open-ended and ring spanners, shifting spanners, pipe wrenches, torque wrenches and multipliers. Socket and socket accessories, allen, spline and torx keys.

Tapes | Insulation, PTFE, masking, road marking, duct, packaging, and reflective tapes.

Welding, Solder & Safety Wear | Arc, Mig & Tig welders, welding accessories & consumables. Soldering irons, solder & flux. Helmets, goggles, gloves, safety shoes & overalls.

Fasteners | Pop rivets, riveters, rawl bolts, hose clamps, cap and grub screws, bolts and nuts.

Press & injection Moulding | Air valves, ball positioners, ejector pins, guide pins & bushes, leader pins & bushes, spru bushes, piercing punches, polyurethane fibroflex, Gesswein stones, die springs.